Diversionary Theatre in San Diego is accepting submissions from both AEA and non-AEA performers for the following roles in a workshop of the World Premiere musical The Boy Who Danced on Air which will take place at Diversionary on January 11th-16th, 2016. A stipend will be available, however travel and housing compensation for those who are not local to the San Diego area is not.

The Boy Who Danced on Air

by Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne


Directed by Tony Speciale

Choreographed by Neilja Yatkin

This brave and compelling new musical reveals the clandestine yet persistent tradition in Afghanistan of Bacha Bazi, where wealthy men purchase boys from poor families, train them as dancers, and parade them at parties as their property. Paiman and Feda have spent their young lives confined within this tradition. But when they meet by chance and develop feelings for one another, they embark on a journey towards a new life in uncharted territory. This astonishing contemporary fable reveals a country teetering on collapse, torn between yesterday and tomorrow, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

Paiman (male, 15)*- Quiet and innocent but with a sense of resolve, self and integrity. A technically accomplished and graceful dancer, but restrained by an inner longing. High pop tenor, should be completely at home and comfortable in the high F-A range. Score calls for a high B occasionally. The part generally sits high. Voice should sound very youthful and vibrant.

Feda (male, 17)*- A brash, confident exterior, however harbors a deep well of insecurities. A brave soul desperately looking for a gentle, authentic love. A powerful dancer capable of captivating an entire audience with ease. High pop tenor, should be comfortable singing high Fs and Gs, but he's got a lot of midrange stuff, so midrange should be warm and appealing. Does a lot of harmonizing, so a good ear a must.

*Both boys can be played by young-looking actors in their late teens or 20s. They should be strong dancers.

Jahandar (male, 30-40)- Paiman’s Master. Affluent and a leader in his small rural community. Intense and dedicated, deeply traditional. Jahander genuinely loves Paiman, and is capable paternal kindness and warmth, but equally capable of cruelty in the name of what he believes. Baritenor, low B to high F#. Pop/musical theatre style. Strong falsetto up to Bb.

Zemar (male, 30-40)- Feda’s Master. Affluent and influential in his small rural community. Light-hearted, playful and mischievous. Also deeply traditional, but his world-weariness has dulled his concern for the well-being of others. Baritenor, up to F# or so - negotiable. Good with harmonies a plus! Voice can be charactery.

The Unknown Man (male, 30s)- Had we met him years earlier, he would have been a naïve dreamer. Now he is weathered and aged beyond his years as he seems to carry the weight of tragedy on his shoulders. Tenor, up to G. The high notes can be a mix. Part generally sits in the midrange. Pop/musical theatre style.

Please visit http://www.rosserandsohne.com/resume/13-shows/70-the-boy-who-danced-on-air to familiarize yourself with the style and content of the show before submitting. 

Please email a headshot and resume to casting@diversionary.org. The subject line should include The Boy Who Danced on Air and the part(s) you are interested in. No phone inquiries. Auditions will be by invitation only on October 17 & 18 at Diversionary Theatre in San Diego.

We look forward to hearing from you!