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Open Rehearsal - The State of Which Dance

  • ENS 200, San Diego State University 5500 Campanile Dr., Apt 7 San Diego, CA 92116 USA (map)

Join us for an open rehearsal for the State of Which, an improvisational dance project focused on researching the intersection of U.S. American Politics and Social structures. 

Attendees will be invited to "try on" some scores and materials that the performers have been working with, as well as watch, reflect and engage in dialogue with the director and dancers. Attendees are welcome to join for the entire duration, or come and go as they please. This Event is Free. 

The performance of the work will happen in mid-August at the City Heights Performance Annex, which will also be a free event.

This project is being supported by San Diego Dance Connect and San Diego State University. Director Krista Kaye was awarded the Independent Artist Production Award for 2018 by San Diego Dance Connect, which generously provided funds to get the work off the ground. San Diego State University has donated many hours of rehearsal space and theatrical equipment. We cannot thank these two organizations enough! 

The State of Which is an evening length dance created from the decisions made collectively among the performers, within a previously agreed up set of decision making principles. The principles of the dance have been derived from questions surrounding the (United States) American social and political system- Questions such as how privilege cyclically effects influence and power, the impossible set of conditions for our political representatives, or how we define consensus or majority through agreement and disagreement and even how polarization and indifference mix together to create