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No Holdin' Back 1vs1 Breakin' Battle | Qualifier

  • The BOX Dance Studio 2015 Birch Road, Suite 1207 Chula Vista, California 91915 (map)

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Flow Mo's NHB 1vs1 US West Coast Qualifier
February 18, 2017
San Diego, CA

Hosted by: 
Arty Artski Arthur Lien (Rock So Fresh/Section 7)
& Cypher City

The Grand Imperial Mane One (Super B-beat Boys) 
Johnny Megatone (1212 Sessions / Squishy Docious)

Featured Judges:
Get Busy Godoyski (Rock So Fresh)
Manson The Mantis (Rhythm Bugz)
Kujo The Flying Water Buffalo (Soul Control)

Sumo Caceres | Rock So Fresh | (San Diego, CA) 
Matt Action | Beatz & Pieces/Waseda Breakers | (Bay Area, CA)
Complex | Dance Broomz | (Tacoma, WA)

Pop Up Shop:
Human Catalyst
Joe in a Bottle
DSTRY clothing co.
Your Therapy by Sarai

$15 to battle
$10 regular admission

“NHB” is a 1VS1 competition where all the dancers are put on the same line from the first round to the finals where they have to give 100% in each solo they execute. No one can save energy and moves for later and take it easy at any moment of the competition. From cypher qualifications the 16 best dancers will go through to the battles. For bboys/bgirls who wanna test their limits, this is a new kind of consept that will make you do your very best in each and every round.

For all the battles there will be:
– No round limit
– No time limit

The battles will be judged by 3 judges whom each hold a white flag that they will raise clearly in the air as soon as they individually know who the winner is of each battle. This can be straight after the first round, during some round or even after 10 rounds or more.

When all 3 judges know who they will vote for – the battle is over even if it’s in the middle of someones solo. After the battle the host will count the ”1,2,3!” and judges will point to the winner with their flags. With this concept there will be no tie-breaker rounds ever since all the judges already know which dancer they wanna vote as the winner of the battle. Battles will proceed with the same format until the winner is announced.

© “No Holdin Back” name and consept all rights reserved by Saiffa / Flow Mo Dance School.

USA West Coast Qualifier > World Finals in Helsinki, Finland

Later Event: February 24
Circumvent: Dance in the Round