San Diego Dance Connect is a volunteer organization that is committed to strengthening the dance community by providing opportunities to network, communicate, advocate and share resources. We are very excited about our website,  With your help we will make it the most comprehensive online resource for promoting the San Diego Dance Community.

We are providing artists/organizations a brief page to introduce yourself or your organization within the San Diego community. The website will feature: a thumbnail image on the index page, a second image on your personal page, a brief description, a link to your website, and a link to one video.

Here are the specs for each aspect included on the website.

Thumbnail/Index image

297 x 237 pixels

Second image

Any size will work, it will automatically shrink it to fit the 600 pixel width on our page.


A link to a youTube or Vimeo video is the best.

Mission/Artist Statement

Please limit to 250 words. We would prefer that you introduce your mission as an organization and/or vision as an artist within the community.

Link to website

If you have a website or Facebook page, we will link to it.

We at San Diego Dance Connect hope you are just as excited as we are to provide this invaluable resource to the community. Please provide us with the aforementioned information as soon as possible.

We hope you also take advantage of our Dance Calendar in which we will post all upcoming performances, auditions, and master classes that are submitted to the website: We are currently not promoting any classes, fundraisers, or newsletters.

To further spread the word about this new website please provide a link to the San Diego Dance Connect website in your own online dance sites and include our logo to grow our dance community.